Inefficient communication flow

INEFFICIENCY in the communication flow can cause serious problems, but whether we realize or not, it is a common phenomenon exists in the organizations. In our daily work-life, we often stumbled upon the situation whereby important messages sent has taken unreasonable long time to reach the receiver. At times, the message becomes worthless when it is already obsolete by the time we received it, or even worst when the message just disappeared and untraceable.

There are many of such inefficiencies that you might have experienced, and they lead to poor performance and other unwanted consequences to the organization. A few common cases are such as: 

  • Receiving the invitation for attending meetings in the last minute. The meetings would had been more effective should you were acknowledged earlier that you would be more prepared. Imagine the situation when the meeting requires you to make decision on certain important matter, but you have not properly study or not having enough information about the subject. Bad decision endangers the future.  
  • Receiving the request for supplying certain products with abnormal time left. For example, the normal time needed to provide the product is 7 work-days, but now it is only 2 work-days to go. Since that is a directive, you still have to ‘by hook or by crook’ make the supply ready. But the consequence is the quality might not arrive to the specified standard.   
  • Not receiving the notification on new policy or rules or procedures concerning the management or technical matters in the department. By that, you are not aware of the changes and tend to commit mistakes in managing the relevant activities.  

Then you found out the poor part of the mentioned cases. The formal letters of invitation, request and notification were actually had been sent out for you with ample time should the flow was efficient. But, most of the delays were due to the high hierarchical steps and the poor attitudes and habits of the concerned managers in responding to process the letters to the next authority in the line. What a depriving practice if a product request letter with a date line took much longer time in traveling through the hierarchies and left with very little time for the production staff.

Those are only few common cases that might have happened repetitively. In fact, there are many more and similarly experienced by other staff in our organizations.  

Efficient communication flow is important to facilitate a smooth process of activities. Whether the message is verbal or non-verbal, downward or upward, they must arrive at the target receiver within a practical time. For this purpose, each organization should strive on developing its own compatible method of efficient communication flow.  

Nevertheless, no matter how good the technique and technology we used, but more importantly is to improve the attitude and habits of the people in dealing with the communication flow.


2 Responses to Inefficient communication flow

  1. R. Kamal berkata:

    I used to received notice for meeting the last minute. My boss like to keep the letter weeks by himself before passing it to me. …. what a PROBLEM !!

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