What motivate me at the work place?

As a manager or supervisor in your office, perhaps the most difficult job you encounter is how to effectively motivate your staff and keep them motivated. This is due to the facts that not every person needs the same kind and level of motivation, and the same person may need different motivation at different time.  

So, at all time you have to identify your staff’s requirements individually and tailor the most appropriate motivation to each of them. You have to offer something that they value as fulfilling their needs and goals at a particular time to make them continuously contribute the best of their effort.  

When considering motivation to the staff, most managers will likely suggest the solution in terms of monetary. Of course, the incentives such as pay increments, extra allowances, bonuses and vacation schemes are good motivators. After all people work basically on the monetary reasons. But, money is not the magic motivator that solve for all. To certain people at certain time, they need other effective tools to motivate them in the work place. 

If I’m asked what I need as motivation beside the monetary, I‘ll give preference in terms of other recognitions and quality work life. They are as follow: 

         i.            I come to work to accomplish tasks. So, in the first place I need a suitable working environment. The working space, the people around and the surroundings should comply with the type of job I’m doing. It is not necessarily too comfortable, but it should be harmoniously fit so that I can produce the best.


       ii.            I have the feeling and ambitions. So, I want my good efforts and successes to be appreciated and recognized. When come to appraisal for certain opportunity, I want to be evaluated fairly and comparably to other staffs. Wrongly appraised will demolish my respect to my superiors. 


      iii.            At time, I may make mistake. Do not simply punish, but guide and encourage me to do better. Guidance and encouragement will motivate me more. That will make me work with my true heart and mind.


      iv.            As a person, beside my job I also have other responsibilities concerning my family, my community and myself. Unfortunately, there are times that I may have problem out there. In this circumstance, I need the opportunity to solve the problem first. In return I would not mind to work extra hours or even weekends.


        v.            In taking directives from my superior I want to know what I am doing the jobs for and why I am required. When I know the purpose and understand the value for my existence, I will not hesitate to contribute to achieve the objectives.


      vi.            When I am assigned for a particular task, I appreciate the trust that is put on me. By that, I am happy to accomplish it by myself. Thus will reflect my responsibility and commitment, and the achievement I’ve made. But, on top of that, it would always be nicer if my superior come down to me as a ‘team member’. I will be more motivated when my superior understand ‘how’ I perform the tasks been directed.


     vii.            In accepting the challenge to perform a specialized job, I regard myself as the one with knowledge and skills, and having the commitment to accomplish it. With this attitude, I would appreciate if I’m allowed to make certain approaches my own way, rather than following exactly to the stated procedures and guidelines. A little freedom in applying the skills will inspire me to proceed with difficult jobs.


   viii.            Besides all, what also important is that I am provided with the right tools and adequate resources. Without those, though I may proceed with the work, the result would not display the perfection. And that would tarnish my credibility too. I’m best encouraged to employ my knowledge, skill and commitment when proper tools and resources are in my hands.


Those are eight ‘wishes’ that I expect to be provided as motivators. For other people there may be other expectations.  Anyhow, the basic principle of motivation at the work place – If staff are effectively motivated, they will give of their best volunteerly – should be applicable.


2 Responses to What motivate me at the work place?

  1. slortBell berkata:

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