Employee Performance Management: About Motivation

Human factor is crucial in the performance management of the organization. As managers are responsible of acting towards the effectiveness of the employees, they have to institute efficient frameworks for dealing with people. On the other hand, employees need reasonable encouragements and motivators in order for them to produce the best for the organization.

In managing for the employees’ performance, motivation is one of the elements that managers should capture into their attention. In fact, to get the best from the employees, managers have to spend much of the managerial time on addressing motivation to them.

Why motivation? It is because motivation being the force that acts upon individuals to initiate and direct their behaviors. In the organizational context, motivation influences the way employees behave and respond towards their tasks and how persistent they would maintain a particular attitude with them.

To motivate, managers require sustainable approaches and skills to maintain people’s enthusiasm and commitment. An important point to take note is that different people possesses different behavior because their needs and goals vary. So, different people may require different kind and level of motivation. Therefore, when considering motivation, it is important for the managers to look forward positively and to take a long-term view for the success.

In order to understand the nature of motivation that a person requires, managers have to understand his/her needs individually. Basically, it should focus on the aspect of satisfying the human needs and wants to develop good behaviors in them. Motivation theories such as those developed by Maslow, Hertzberg and McClelland can be useful to facilitate as guides for managers in determining the best motivation they should choose for their individual employees.

Normally, achievement and recognition are positive motivators to the employees. As people have needs and goals, they want to achieve them. Similarly, as people have feelings, they like to feel appreciated and fairly recognized on good deeds they made. Thus, managers have to punctually develop reasonable progresses in the employee’s achievements, and to arrange for proper appreciations to their efforts and contributions. Remember that good working behaviors of the employees emerge from good managerial behaviors of the managers.

Motivation, in many ways, is the key to the success of human development. Managers should aim to increase employees’ performance through self-motivation, rather than enforcing external motivation (such as the imposition of strict rules and conditions of service) to bring about higher standards of performance. When employees are shown clear expectations, encouraged, valued and trusted, they will be motivated and will most likely give all their best for the benefit of the organization.


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